Water Treatment Chemicals

Bright Water Equipment is the best treatment for water treatment chemicals in Mumbai, Dahisar. The substances that are removed during the water treatment process are suspended solids, viruses, fungi, bacteria, algae, and minerals with best industrial packages. We give excellent services for water treatment chemicals in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai. The process involves both physical and chemical methods. The chemical used in this process is called water treatment chemicals.

Boiler Waterside Chemicals

The treatment of water for steam generation is one of the most significant branches of water chemistry in Mumbai, Dahisar, Andheri, Bandra, Navi Mumbai, Dadar. Industries use steam, either in the process or generating power. Generation of steam is energy intensive and costly, therefore efficient production and utilization of steam is a prerequisite to keep over all cost of production down. Strategy for the boiler water treatment should be to use the boiler that operates with the highest efficiency for the longest possible time. Boiler water should be treated properly to prevent pittingicorrosion, scaling and carryover even hat blast of tubes. Using some of the specific result oriented additives can prevent these problems to facilities last, safe & reliable steam generation.

Descaling / Cleaning Chemicals

Bright water equipment provides high-quality descaling chemical in Mumbai, Dahisar, Navi Mumbai.. Descaling chemical cleaning is more effective as the removal of inorganic foulants from process lines, equipments, surface etc. Cleaning should be combination of three elements that is solvents (acid alkali, surfactant) fluid velocity (stirring, spraying, agitation, air rumbling and steam addition etc.) Heat (hot water or hot surface). Cleaning is divided into two categories : Pre Operational cleaning and routine maintenance cleaning.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Bright Water Eq (Boiler Water Side Chemical, Boiler Fire Side Chemical, Fuel Additive, Descaling Cleaning Chemical, Cooling & Chlling Water Tratment Chemical, RO Chemical, Resin Cleaning Chemical)

RO Membranes

"GE Osmonic Brand" 4" & 8"